A place of new opportunities
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About the Investment

A place of new opportunities

In bustling Piątkowo, between Wojciechowskiego and Obornicka streets in Poznań, an investment is being built called Początek Piątkowo.

It is a particularly attractive place for people who value a location close to extensive green areas, good access by public transport, a safe neighbourhood and exceptional quality of housing.

Timeless design, interiors designed by an architect, high-class shared areas, and above all, a new on the market, higher standard of workmanship make Początek Piątkowo a place where everyone will feel good.

The estate will have plenty of space for morning jogging, training in the gym located on the ground floor of the building, spending carefree moments with the youngest on the playground.

Number of rooms
You don't know how to get there? Take a look at the map below or use the hints.
ul. Wojciechowskiego 7-17

Początek Piątkowo investment is located in one of the best-connected districts of Poznań. Just a few minutes from the city centre, business spheres and the university. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

The estate offers direct access to shops and services. Residents can arrange all their most necessary matters right after leaving the apartment. There are nurseries, kindergartens, pharmacies, medical points, gyms and shopping malls nearby.

Początek Piątkowo
Health Service
Trade and shops
Sport and recreation

For people who value closeness to nature and active recreation, forests near the nature reserves such as Żurawiniec, Meteorite and Morasko are a real attraction.

Distance from the city centre
5.8 km

Thanks to the detailed map of the estate, you will learn more about the location of the building and the location of additional areas of interest.

High standard
The building will include an entrance lobby individually finished with high-quality materials.
In-house gym
In-house gym
Our investments meet the needs of active people. In-house gyms save our residents time and provide them with access to professional state-of-the-art equipment.

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Construction log
Check how the work on the various stages of the investment is progressing thanks to the constantly updated construction log.