New Stage of Początek Piątkowo - in April!
Robyg's goal is to provide customers with high-quality apartments and flats, available at an affordable price level.

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As a developer with the experience gained over the years, we create investments with entire communities and their needs in mind. At ROBYG, we sell apartments in attractive locations, and our estates are distinguished by a high standard and pro-ecological solutions. We focus on quality as well as high-class and safe materials. We care about innovative improvements that are environmentally friendly and at the same time energy efficient. Responding to the needs of our future residents is our core idea.

Początek Piątkowo
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From small studio apartments for singles, through 2-room apartments for couples, to larger areas over 60 square metres for families. Most of the offered apartments have a balcony or a loggia. The apartments on the ground floor have green gardens and spacious terraces. There are parking spaces in the garage halls and outside the buildings for the convenience of residents.

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We are a well-established real estate developer who actively invests in four large agglomerations: Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Poznań. We build a modern living space that is friendly not only to residents but also to the environment. Our priority are solutions that save energy, and at the same time, guarantee the highest comfort and convenience of use. As the first developer in Poland, we offered our customers a smart home system as standard, without any additional fees. Our buildings grow into urban landscapes and begin to create their own stories. Stories of thousands of families are built in them.

Years of experience in designing and building residential investments
30 000
Apartments sold
90 000
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By choosing an apartment from ROBYG, you can count on comprehensive service and a number of additional amenities. We are a leader among Polish developers and we have been changing architecture for many years, setting new standards and shaping trends in the housing industry. Our apartments are affordable and, at the same time, they are distinguished by a high standard and excellent quality.

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Take advantage of attractive discounts. Spent less on equipping your new apartment. Up to 30% discount on purchases from selected ROBYG CLUB partners. Take advantage of the personalised discount card that will enable you to spend less on equipping your apartment. Check the list of stores and the amount of discounts you can get.

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