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About the Investment

The Jeżyce Station is a unique place located at the very heart of Jeżyce, where one can feel the one-of-a-kind atmosphere. The estate, situated on Stanisław Barańczak Street, stands out for its modern design and excellent location, providing all the comforts of urban living.

The project consists of two ready-to-occupy, uniquely designed buildings. The glazed flats are full of light, while the large balconies and terraces allow for a moment of relaxation in the fresh air. The high-quality finishes, the garage hall, the playground, and the proximity to city attractions will ensure your living comfort.

Jeżyce is currently the most fashionable district in Poznań and so is Jeżyce Station. Here you can run your daily errands as well as find dozens of charming places. Everything is just around the corner!

Number of rooms
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ul. Barańczaka 3

The excellent location of the estate is perfectly aligned with the concept of the 15-minute city. From here, you can walk your kids to school, shop in the local market, visit numerous cultural attractions, relax in the nearby park or dine in a popular restaurant – all within walking a distance and right next to the city centre.

It is a place for enthusiasts of the metropolitan lifestyle, connoisseurs of art and artistry and nature lovers alike.

The Jeżyce Station is located in one of the most interesting districts of Poznań. Here traditional artisanal workshops and charming cafés, Art Nouveau townhouses and attractive company offices, local cinemas and theatres and green parks exist side by side. All this creates a unique atmosphere in the area.

Stacja Jeżyce
Health Service
Trade and shops
Sport and recreation

One of the most recognisable landmarks is certainly Rynek Jeżycki, with its origins as a market square dating back to the early 20th century. It is also worth mentioning the Old Zoo or the Golęcin Athletics Stadium. All fans of outdoor recreation will certainly appreciate the proximity of Sołacki Park, with its Sołacki Ponds.

Distance from the city centre
2.9 km

Thanks to the estate plan, you can learn more about the location of the building and any additional areas of interest.

High standard
ROBYG Smart House
ROBYG Smart House
A technology that enables remote control of a flat and a house in terms of lighting, electronic devices and the security system.
Windows providing higher acoustic comfort
Windows providing higher acoustic comfort
Our apartments are equipped with solid, PCV windows that provide higher acoustic comfort. They ensure high quality and additional protection from wind and noise. Moreover, windows in ground floor apartments have supplementary sun blinds.

Find a flat for yourself in the Stacja Jeżyce estate.

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